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Pharmaceutical Care and Research: 2017; 17(4):241-244,304
DOI: 10.5428/pcar20170401
Research progress of cell therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus
1. ZHOU JingJing1(1.Department of Endocrinology,Changhai Hospital,Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China [email protected])
2. WANG YiRan2(2.Department of Oncology,Changhai Hospital,Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China )
3. WANG QiJin1(1.Department of Endocrinology,Changhai Hospital,Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China [email protected])
ABSTRACT  The incidence of diabetes mellitus is increasing in recent years.Progressive function failure of pancreatic islet B cells and insulin resistance are the main causes of the occurrence and development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.The current treatment strategies for type 2 diabetes mellitus have limitations.As the disease progresses,long-term glycemic control and prevention of various chronic complications can not be achieved in some patients even with combined treatment of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin intervention.Furthermore,adverse drug reactions such as hypoglycemia,weight-gain and other risks still exist,with this reason,the treatment of type 2 diatetes mellitus is not satisfactory.In recent years,cell therapy including pancreatic islet cell transplantation,stem cells transplantation,inducing conversion of pancreatic islet alpha cells to B cells and inducing conversion of hepatic cells has provided new ideas for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.The research progress in cell therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus is reviewed in this paper,so as to provide reference for related basic and clinical researches.
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ZHOU JingJing1,WANG YiRan2,WANG QiJin1,. Research progress of cell therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus[J]. Pharmaceutical Care and Research / yao xue fu wu yu yan jiu. 2017; 17(4): 241-244,304.
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