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Pharmaceutical Care and Research: 2017; 17(4):270-274
DOI: 10.5428/pcar20170408
Comparisons of the efficacy and safety between ulinastatin and gabexate in acute pancreatitis and post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis:a meta review
1. HUANG WenHui(Department of Pharmacy,No.175 Hospital of PLA,Fujian Zhangzhou 363000,China [email protected])
2. ZHANG YunChen(Department of Pharmacy,No.175 Hospital of PLA,Fujian Zhangzhou 363000,China )
3. ZHAN ZhiHong(Department of Pharmacy,No.175 Hospital of PLA,Fujian Zhangzhou 363000,China )
4. FEI Yan(Department of Pharmacy,No.175 Hospital of PLA,Fujian Zhangzhou 363000,China [email protected])
ABSTRACT  Objective: To compare the efficacy and safety of ulinastatin and gabexate in acute pancreatitis and post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography(ERCP) pancreatitis.Methods: The databases of the Cochrane Library,PubMed,the Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database(Chongqing VIP),the Chinese Biomedical Literature Database (CBM),the Chinese Journal Full-text Database in China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI),Online library(Wiley-Blackwell,Science and Springer Link,Elsevier Science-Science Direct) were searched(till September 2016) for related literature.The randomized controlled trials(RCTs) that met the inclusion criteria were collected and the quality of included RCTs was assessed according to the Cochrane Collaboration system review,and then meta analysis was performed using RevMan 5.3 software.Results: A total of 6 papers concerning RCTs were included in the study.Meta analysis indicated that the efficiency rate,abdominal tenderness remission rate and main symptom remission rate for the acute pancreatitis patients of the ulinastatin group were higher than those of the gabexate group[efficiency: odds ratio (OR) =2.52,95%CI 1.54-4.12,P=0.000 2; rate of abdominal tenderness disappearance:OR=15.01,95%CI 1.97-114.57,P=0.009; main symptom remission rate:OR=2.59,95%CI 1.33-5.07,P=0.005],and the rate of adverse drug reactions was lower in the ulinastatin group than that in the gabexate group.The ulinastatin group and the gabexate group were similar in the incidence of pancreatitis and hyperamylasemia in post-ERCP pancreatitis patients(post-ERCP pancreatitis incidence:OR=1.57,95%CI 0.39-6.24,P=0.52;hyperamylasemia incidence:OR=1.85,95%CI 0.83-4.13,P=0.13).The two groups were not significantly different in the incidence of adverse drug reactions.Conclusion: Ulinastatin was better and safer than gabexate in the treatment of acute pancreatitis.However,the two drugs were similar in efficacy and safety in the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis.High-quality and large-sample randomized controlled trials were required for the confirmation of long-term safety.
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HUANG WenHui,ZHANG YunChen,ZHAN ZhiHong,FEI Yan,. Comparisons of the efficacy and safety between ulinastatin and gabexate in acute pancreatitis and post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis:a meta review[J]. Pharmaceutical Care and Research / yao xue fu wu yu yan jiu. 2017; 17(4): 270-274.
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