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Pharmaceutical Care and Research: 2017; 17(4):283-286,307
DOI: 10.5428/pcar20170411
Progress of the determination methods and pharmacokinetics of Schisandra chinensis lignans
1. LI Jie1(1.Department of Pharmacy,Seventh People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Shanghai 200137,China [email protected])
2. HU JinHong2(2.Department of Pharmacy,Changhai Hospital,Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China [email protected])
ABSTRACT  There are a variety of structurally similar lignans in Schisandra chinensis raw materials.The paper made a comprehensive review on the determination methods of Schisandra chinensis ligans and research progress of pharmcokinetics,so as to know the most commonly used determination methods and regular pattern of lignan metabolism in the body,and also to provide evidence for the determination of Schisandra chinensis lignans,speculation of the relationship between effective component dosage and time,and quantitative description of the pattern of in vivo metabolism of the drug.
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LI Jie1,HU JinHong2,. Progress of the determination methods and pharmacokinetics of Schisandra chinensis lignans[J]. Pharmaceutical Care and Research / yao xue fu wu yu yan jiu. 2017; 17(4): 283-286,307.
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